Products Introduction

Product NameMagni 599 water base coating

Product ModelTAYA Magni 599

Product details

Description :   
Magni W is a duplex fastener coating system that combines electroplated zinc and chromate substrate with an organic topcoat. The electroplated zinc layer provides sacrificial protection of the steel substrate while the topcoat creates a durable barrier. The coating system is engineered to provide extend field life and improve mechanical performance of fasteners such as wood and decking screws. Magni W is engineered with integrated friction modifiers to eliminate the need for sealers or post coating lubricants. This feature ensures repeatable torque/tension characteristics in assembly. Magni W provides surperior product performance in fewer layers than comparable finishes. Fewer processing steps results in improve quality and reduced costs. Magni W is designed for use on fasteners such as nuts, bolts, and other miscellaneous hardware. Magni W is also known as Magni 599, it is developed by The Magni Group, Inc, USA.
Features :       
*Magni W can provide in excess of 1000 hours of Salt Spray Test (ISO 9227 / ASTM B-117) & Kesternich Test 15 cycles
(DIN 50018 SFW2.0S)
*Provides exceptional corrosion resistance.
*Prevents staining of wood.
*Consistent torque tension relationship without the need for post coating lubricants.
*Is a low cost alternative to cadmium, zinc alloys, and stainless steel.
*Available in several colors.
*Recommended for wood and desking fasteners.

Product Remarks

Specification :
W17 (Gray)
W52(Brick Red)
W56 (Brown)
W57 (Dark-Gray)
W71 (Light Green)
W72 (Yollowish Brown)
W75 (Olive Green)
W117 (Silver-Gray)
W158 (Dark Tan)
W601 (Yollowish Brown)-Cr6+ Free
W604 (Green) -Cr6+ Free